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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Stiff Necked Church Lady

And so you will have confidence that you are doing the unimpeachable will of God, though it’s been eons since you’ve consulted God with any uncertainty and really begged of him an opinion, sitting in quiet and patience until The Answer answers.

In short, you will have gritted your teeth to a human concept of holiness while running your body into physical exhaustion, and your soul into a position of supreme spiritual laziness.

Glorying in Flawless Skin and God's Love

“Do you think I should say mean things about myself?” my daughter asked. “People always say that you shouldn’t put yourself down, but if you say good things then they say you’re boastful.”

The Crazy Sex Lady at the Solitary Banquet

What do you do when you’ve tried to set a banquet for your family and you are the only one who wants to attend?

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