Betty Duffy

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A blogger reflects...

Write every day. I agree. I want to write every day. I keep thinking I'm going to light up one of my old blogs again, was thinking of doing scripture meditation or something, not because I'm especially insightful, but because I want to devote time to meditation. I want to devote time to writing in general, which I haven't been doing at all.

It's been restful. And other things besides writing have been interesting. I suppose the cat's all out of the bag to my family now that I've been playing cello and banjo in a Grateful Dead cover band. I don't have much more to say about that other than It Is SOOO fun!

I did always think I'd come back to music--that a lot of writing over the past decade was a function of being home with toddlers and that as soon as I could blow this joint (you know, for a few hours at a time) I probably would.

 I now have two, almost three teenagers in the house. My oldest gets his driver's license this year. This summer has been quite wonderful, because I both enjoy being home with them all, and can also pop out on my own if I need to go to the grocery, or for a jog (or to band practice!).

My youngest starts preschool this month and for the first time in fifteen years, I will have actual hours of the week where no one is in the house but me. I don't know whether to rejoice or panic.

So...I suppose it's time to cast around again for an identity:

  • What do you call a forty something stay at home mom, who has no kids left at home during the day? 
  • What if she now thinks she's a musician in a hippy band, while also being a blogger who meditates on scripture? 
  • Does she maybe need to grow up and get a real job? 
  • And if so, why--presuming her husband's job meets the financial needs of the family? 
  • Is it ok for her to blog if she is privileged, and spends most of her life in pursuit of frivolous  artsy-fartsy things? 
  • Is it ok for her to blog if she has nothing profound to say to the many dreadful cultural concerns of the day, and accidentally posts something shallow on the same day as a terrorist attack? 
  • Is it ok for her to like life pretty well, and to have no messy, messy, complicated, personal/spiritual problems to discuss online? 
  • Would you really want to read what this woman has to say about anything, much less about Jesus?
  • AND! What if she perpetually disregards blogging best practices by posting irregularly, using boring titles, omitting pictures, and failing to promote her blog on social media?

These are questions I'm asking myself.

Until I have answers, here's a post I wrote at Image a couple weeks ago.


Jamie said...

This 40-something mom whose blog posts are also picture-free and seldom promoted via social media would love to hear more from you!

MrsDarwin said...

Well, you've pretty much described my life and blog, so I'd read you, and I'm the audience that matters.

Jenny said...

I'd read you too.

My little blog is approaching two years old. The first year I think I had, maybe, insightful things to say. The second year I've talked of little except cleaning my house. It's riveting for everyone, I'm sure.

BettyDuffy said...

Well, well well, all the good people are still here!

Anonymous said...

I've still got three preschool aged children, and probably(?) more to come, and enjoy the break to feed and read a little this and that. Keep it coming !

Lizzie said...

I still want to read what you have to say! I'm coming back to my music too-going to be teaching again instead of office job from Sept. Son now 12 and more independent, still praying for and being open to that elusive husband! Can't wait to read whatever you have to say and maybe you can pass on some banjo tips. I taught myself v rudimentary skills back in 2008 to play in a 'bluegrass' (ahem) band of sorts with other mums...won a battle of the bands but banjo been gathering dust ever since...

MDiskin said...

Please don't stop blogging! And although my kids are younger I'm in a similar place. But when I look for (writing) work, I don't feel at peace (more like weighed down with dread). I've worked far more as a freelancer in the past, and made good $ from it. But now -- something feels off and wrong when I seek it. So I'm doing what I need to do at home and church, and taking it as a sign that the time is not right, and possibly that this is not what I should be doing at all. I don't necessarily think that you need to have a beatific feeling in order to work; but the dread and weight is definitely a sign of un-right-ness, to me.