Betty Duffy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Underskins of Gold

Still stringing up old ideas--this one on the marriage question--how well can you predict the fidelity of a spouse:

I've encountered a few Holy People in my lifetime, and recently too, people who appear to be salt of the earth, but when you start scratching their surface you find layer after layer of pure gold, or a crystalized interior like a geode. Even their underskins have been purified and refined, and the mystery of their interior tabernacle draws me closer, making me want to both be with and be like them.

I know that I experience genuinely holy longings myself, but one would only need to scratch me lightly to find that underneath a relatively tidy exterior, I'm a stoney substance through and through, that God has only just begun to penetrate me. I have moments of insight, though I usually don't remember them. They occur just long enough for me to write them down or tell them to a friend, and then all wisdom is gone at the moment of the test, when my six children and my husband are there standing witness and judge like the fourteen eyes of God. 

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Hello Betty. I don't know how to contact you. I didn't see an email address so....just wanted to let you know about this great everything Catholic information "blog". Share with others.