Betty Duffy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Odds and ends

Husband responds to most recent blog post:

H: I'm afraid your new blog readers are going to think I'm weird.

Me: For sleeping in the hammock? That is weird.

H: No, it's not's...what do you call it when you've discovered something that no one else realizes is awesome?...It's perspicacious.  Popeye slept in a hammock.

(For origin of this conversation, see here._)

Someone's been playing with my photo booth:

Instead of doing his Math, apparently...

Found this taped to our door:

Not sure what she means by that.


Peter and Nancy said...

Love the door sign! And I could never sleep in a hammock because of all the potential spiders, etc. that might land on me. But I like the idea . . .

Thanks for posting your links to Patheos columns -- I have your blog on a feed, so I know when you've written there.

BettyDuffy said...

I'm always worried about pooping birds in the hammock. Of course, these days, his only complaint is frost on his beard in the morning. Really, he's going to have to come inside soon.

I wracked my mind to think if my daughter has ever walked in on anything she shouldn't have--and I have to conclude she's really just terrorized by the thought of catching her pregnant mother in her underwear.

I'll probably keep posting a link here to future posts, mainly because I keep losing my own blog over there. Patheos can be kind of hard to navigate if you don't know where you're going.

MrsDarwin said...

I had a really hard time finding the Patheos blog too, so I just click through from here.

I think it's sweet that your children have any reservation about entering your room. I can't seem to instill any respect in my own about the parental room being a sacred precinct. Of course, my main problem there is that they're in my room trashing it during the day, not that they're barging in on anything untoward at night.

Anyone who sleeps out in the cold is nuts. Just my $0.02. :)

BettyDuffy said...

I agree with your two cents.

Peter and Nancy said...

I use your blog to read others (on your sidebar), and I just noticed your husband said he was afraid your *new* readers would think he is weird. Does that mean he doesn't care if the old readers do, or that the oldies have already formed an opinion? :o)

BettyDuffy said...

Well, the oldies are a known entity. They've been kind to us--weird or no.

Who knows, though, there might not be any new ones. I haven't figured out how to check stats on that blog, and it's been kind of nice.

rosetells84 said...

That sign is awesome. Really just made my morning.

nancyo said...

I've managed to install the feed for your Patheos blog on my Reader, but it's always nice to see snippets posted here.