Betty Duffy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Familiar Ground

...for people who've read this blog over the years: The Anchoress asked us to reflect on the people in our lives who secured or fostered our Catholic faith. Once again, I'm in the odd position of recognizing that I really do owe my faith to a Movement (Regnum Christi) that was founded by a scoundrel.


TheReluctantWidow said...

It's interesting that you posted this on the same day that I got a catalog from Catholic Courses. There is a lecture series I am interested in buying called "Saints with a Past." It covers some of our greatest saints who were some of our biggest sinners. Here's what part of the description says: "With Professor Thomas J. Craughwell, you'll meet an outlaw, an anti-pope, an embezzler, a con-artist, two fallen women, and two mass murderers who, for most of their lives, were as far as possible from sanctity and holiness."

The sin that the founder of Regnum Christi committed, doesn't negate the wonderful good of bringing you closer to Christ and the Church. And who knows, time will only tell what redemption will come from this scandal.

BettyDuffy said...

Well, I hope so.

The very sad thing is that Father Maciel had plenty of time for repentance before his death, and yet he did not.

So, it's a sad story for him, and for the people who put their faith in him. But I do think there is the possibility for good to come of the movement he founded, because there really are some holy people there.