Betty Duffy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Discipline of Desire

On the beach this summer there was a girl sitting near me in an Adirondack chair and readingBossy Pants by Tina Fey. The girl was in a state of near continuous vibration from laughing with her mouth shut, and when, at one point she looked up from her book to let out a significant chuckle, she seemed to feel a need to explain herself to me. "Seriously funny book," she said holding it up for me to see the cover.
"You make me think I should read it," I answered. Indeed I have thought about reading it, both before the beach episode and after. But one of my many fatal flaws is that reading a book by and about a funny woman, I would not be content to just read and enjoy; I would want to actually become Tina Fey and that could only end in pain.


TheReluctantWidow said...

I could have written the beginning of that post. I am always daydreaming about this or that thing that I am going to do/become. Ha! Well, I haven't exactly evolved to the point you have where you are at least working toward aligning your desires with those of Christ. I'm going to work on that... Just Kidding. I will seek God's help and guidance in this area of my life. Thanks for the proverbial kick in the pants!

Peter and Nancy said...

I'm glad you made the distinction between taking desire captive and thinking desires are bad in and of themselves. We were created with longings, and as C.S. Lewis says, they are indicators that we weren't born for this world.

The trick for me is to recognize that only Christ can fill those longings, and to find the underlying thing -- what I'm actually desiring under the surface of whatever longing I'm struggling with at the moment. I think it's tempting as a Christian to say "desires are bad," and quit there, without letting it lead us back to Him.