Betty Duffy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You'd think I'd get tired of standing naked in the crowd...

Nevertheless, here's a little story about a spat I had with my husband the other day...and about all the weird spats I've seen online this week.

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TheReluctantWidow said...

After losing my spouse, who was truly my best friend, the thing that I regret most are all the times when I could have kept my mouth shut and didn't. You know, all the times I should have been removing the plank from my own eye before I tried to get the speck of dust out of his. I actually had a huge fight, in public, with my mother because she was going to go home to pick a fight with my dad over something small and petty. I yelled at her, "Don't, it's not worth it. Just let it go. You never know if he will be here tomorrow."

I think when we are tempted to make snarky, on-line comments of "brotherly Christian correction," maybe we should think about how you would feel if that person were your friend and they were going to die tomorrow. It probably wouldn't be worth time effort to type out the words.