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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to market abortion drugs?

It's a terrible quandary, but here's a pretty good idea of how not to market them:

Went to the OB-gyn today, and on the wall there was one of those posters that you're supposed to read to determine if you are in an abusive relationship:

Question 1: Does your partner ever force you to have sex when you don't want to? 
Question 2: Does your partner ever sabotage your birth control or refuse to wear a condom? 
Question 3: Does your partner ever attempt to get you pregnant when you don't want to be?

Leaving aside any Catholic viewpoint on birth control:

"If you answered yes to any of the above questions..." 

I just assumed they would confirm that you are indeed in an abusive relationship, and you should get out of it, now.

But, no:

"Talk to your doctor about the morning after pill to avoid an unwanted pregnancy."

Of course, at the very bottom, in small font, was an abuse hotline--but does anyone else see a problem here?


John said...

Wow, #1 should be rephrased as rape, #2 and #3 assumes that you are using birth control and that your husband is one of those crazy pro-lifers.

Sounds like you need to find a pro-life ob/gyn. There is a professional association created for just that purpose.

wifemotherexpletive said...

whatever your stance on those pills, that is a crazy injustice to the women involved. sheesh.

BettyDuffy said...

RE #2 and #3, birth control aside, I still hope my crazy pro-life husband would respect our marriage and my health enough to reach a spousal consensus on whether or not it's a good time to conceive before seeking to impregnate me. But yes, #1 is definitely rape.

WME, My thoughts exactly.

LuAnne said...

Really? Wow.

I agree w/ John - #1 is rape, absolutely.

As for #s 2 and 3, perhaps the answer ought not be "take a pill" but "do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who, in essence, ignores your viewpoint and wishes?"

(...and as a Catholic, I'd probably just go on and find another ob/gyn...)

Katharine B. said...

You have got to be kidding me.. how, in our supposedly feminist culture did this ad get accepted to be made, let alone displayed.

Take a picture, I don't believe you ! ;)

BettyDuffy said...

I do wish I'd had a camera. I've tried googling for a similar message, and the closest I could find was this:

Which is definitely for a women's shelter, but suggests a causal relationship between abuse and pregnancy rather than sex and pregnancy. At least they're calling abuse abuse, however.

Matthew Lickona said...


Janet Cupo said...

This is an excellent example of why it is useless to try and reason with people about this topic--at least people who have completely bought into the contraceptive/abortive mentality.

It's not only the very obvious disconnect that prescribes abortifacients as a cure for abuse, but how can any doctor not recognize that a sign like that in his office might convince a patient that he doesn't really care anything about her health? How can any patient not recognize that a sign like that in her doctor's office show that he doesn't care anything about her health? How can you possibly convince anyone that doesn't see the obvious by any kind of rational discourse?


TheReluctantWidow said...

Really? Really?!? They think the answer to being in an abusive relationship is "take the morning after pill?" That just seems stupid, really, really stupid. And in truth, if any woman was in an abusive relationship and was seeking help from her doctor but saw that ad, she would think that the doctor was no help at all. Double sheesh!!

CJD said...

this was in my local paper today. Heavan help us