Betty Duffy

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I herald the end of August! I smell burning things at night and in the morning I wake up cold. I love Fall.

I'm reminded of simpler times, when all I looked for in a man was a full beard, four-wheel drive, and an acoustic guitar, and all I wanted in a song was a plaintive or whispering vocal, a cricket track, and a badly played violin. So, I've made a playlist to accompany the old nomadic urge to pack up belongings, eat outdoors, and follow the sun as it distances itself from the world.

Personally, I'm not going anywhere this Fall, so I'll probably only use it to clean house.

Keren Ann: Not Going Anywhere


Radiohead: Give up the Ghost

Vashti Bunyan: Come Wind Come Rain

Morphine: In Spite of Me

REM: You are Everything

Joni Mitchell: Urge for Going

Camper Van Beethoven: All Her Favorite Fruit

The Reivers: Star Telegram

The Replacements: Sadly Beautiful

Robert Plant and Allison Kraus: Please Read the Letter
(This one works better if you avoid looking at Robert Plant in the video.)

Rufus Wainwright: Beautiful Child

Iron and Wine: Naked as we Came


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I haven't listened to REM in ages though they were, at times, what saw me through my stormy 20's.

"You are Everything," especially, was one that I'd play again & again, so thank you. I am home alone today and this song is exactly what my soul needed.

BettyDuffy said...

Sounds like we had much in common in our twenties.

Pentimento said...

Oh, great playlist, BD.

Lizzie said...

Perfect playlist for the weekend before school and work start again. And, a reminder of how very much I love autumn. I can't wait!