Betty Duffy

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Fruit Long-Despaired Of

For a lot of years in early motherhood, it seems like you accomplish very little except repetitive diaper changing, and the memorization of a handful of commands or requests that no one seems to hear. Then one day you realize that your children have acquired some life skills, perhaps in spite of you, perhaps because of you. Either way, the realization can catch you off guard.  My mom told me once that a lot of the things I thought were a really big deal when the kids were little, would turn out not to be a very big deal at all.  She was right. Everybody's growing up, and doing just fine.

My column at Patheos this week.

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Jenny said...

I had a small taste of it last night. My seven year old washed up the two year old in the shower. A clean toddler and all I did was dry and diaper him. Sweet!