Betty Duffy


Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Skirmish

From the proprietor of many lego creations facing ongoing assault from the commander of evil lego forces: "Mom, tell him that wars are not desirable and that a few weeks for a war is fine. They don't have to go on for years."

From the Evil Commander, red in the face: "Yes they do! I don't build evil fortresses for nothing! I don't assemble enemy armies for nothing! I don't build giant robots for nothing!"

Pray for a break in the heat. These kids need to get outside.


Julia said...

No nuclear war in the nuclear family is good. Kudos to the assaultee for seeking arbitration rather than mass destruction! Sounds like you're doing something right over there...

Peter and Nancy said...

Any mother with more than one son has heard some variation of this theme. :o) We have one peace lover and one warmonger among our Lego boys too.

bobbi @ revolution of love said...

Haha! I love this. My 3 little boys aren't at this stage yet but I'm getting glimpses.

Erin said...

It might be more of a boy thing, but I remember similar wars with my sister. Fun memories. lol