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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post party quick takes

(which is probably what it will be from here through the end of May--party every weekend--weddings, First Communions, graduations--good times ahead)

My husband told the boys to clean out the space between the walls and their beds where all the legos and socks and hidden pee-pee underwear hide.

One of the boys, perhaps overly enthusiastic about hidden treasures he might find there, ran to his bed saying, "I'm going to have FUN cleaning out my crevice!"

Same boy, different day, watching a basketball game with my dad, and the half time show where cheerleaders performed, pronounced in the aftermath:

"One thing I know for sure is that those cheerleaders spend a lot time in unnatural positions."

One thing we learned at Easter is that my youngest is terrified of Peeps--the candy kind. If anyone decided to eat a peep, he'd go running out of the room screaming.

I used to be afraid of mayonnaise. My sister would chase me around the yard with mayonnaise on a spoon.

Truth be told, I'm a little sick of ham. Also, the other white meats. I want everything red, red, red and salty. We didn't have family around on Easter Sunday so my husband and I cooked our own Easter dinner, which was leg of Lamb, and scotch eggs (hard boiled Easter eggs, peeled and coated in a layer of ground sausage, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried to a golden brown). Thank God for all the great aunties of the internet on cooking blogs to guide me through this process.

We actually had fun--my husband and I in the kitchen--me pouring salt, pepper and oregano into my hands to rub into the lamb's fatty tissue--my husband stirring up a honey mustard mayo to go with his scotch eggs. I'm really not afraid of mayonnaise anymore. I even eat it sometimes.

Our food was good, so we kept trying to lure people to come eat it with us--invited my cousin Rachel and her fiance, but their car broke down on the side of the road not far from our house, so I took them their scotch eggs and french fries to eat in the car while they waited for a tow. I think they had fun.

We've eaten very poorly since Easter--two nights of pizza from Aldi, and tonight, oatmeal. I have chef's apathy after my big day in the kitchen.

I put a copy of "Acedia and Me" by Kathleen Norris in my car to read when I'm waiting for stuff, but when those moments come, I can't be bothered to open it.

Rachel is getting married this weekend, so Monday night, we went to buy scivvies for her honeymoon. My husband was like, "Why are you going shopping?"

"To buy undies for the wedding."

"For you?"

"No, for her."

"Well that's not fair. You're not going unless you buy some for yourself."

I'm filing this conversation in my "helpful tips for getting out of the house quickly" file.

From now on, I'm just running out to get some panties. Back in a twitch!


Julia said...

Love those boys.

I'm sure I've told this story before, but one day when my youngest was five we were walking down 33rd Street in Manhattan. A beginning reader, he pointed to a store called Peep World and said, "Mom, I bet you don't want me to go in there!"

Somewhat flummoxed, I covered by saying, "Why? Do you know what they sell?" To which he replied, "Well, you KNOW how hyper I get when I eat Peeps!"


Happy Easter, from a kindred soul in the land of "What? You want to eat AGAIN?"

Kimberlie said...

I kept laughing as I was reading your QTs so I had to read them to my husband, who is sitting at the table eating oatmeal and being interrupted by my constant guffaws. Your boys sound like ours, it's comforting. The rest made him raise his eyebrows and look a bit embarrassed. I did notice that he seemed to think your husband was right about the lack of fairness in going out to buy undies for someone else and not for him... I mean for you. :)

Emily G. said...

I never get to leave the house without at least one child in be fair, that child is usually the one that happens to be exclusively breastfed...but still, I am going to have to try the undies story.

Thanks for bringing some laughs to my day!

Jenny said...

I can't be bothered to open it.

Ha! :D

Matthew Lickona said...

Yes, ha! Who can get around to dealing with acedie? Also, I am fairly certain that this is the only blog I read that features the word "panties."

Erin said...

This entire post had me laughing, especially the "undies." Sounds exactly like something my Hub would say.