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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I am Thankful For ...

* Kleenex

I have allergies. When I was very young, I devised a way of blowing my nose that also itches the back of my throat. I'm not really sure how to explain the technique, except that it makes a honking sound.

This morning, I was doing my thing, and my husband revealed that my nose-blowing was a real source of anxiety for him in the early years of our marriage. He used to wonder how he would live with it for the rest of his life, but by the grace of God, he has, over the years, learned to tune it out.

I was a little shocked by the revelation--how could something so integral to my person, as the way I blow my nose, be a source of anxiety to my beloved spouse? He assured me that the children also discuss my method and find it equally disturbing, and that if I found a quieter way to blow my nose, everyone would be thrilled.

So I'm working on it. And Kleenex is an indispensable tool in my search.

* Artistic people who lack The Artistic Temperament:

My husband works on DNA sequencers for a living.

When people ask me what exactly he does with DNA sequencers, I usually say something mysterious like, "I don't really know--it's complicated."

Ask my husband what specifically he does, and he'll tell you in very straightforward terms about various DNA sequencing technologies and how they're used. No mystery there. No romance. Every question has an answer, every problem, a solution.

When he wants to make something, there's no pining about not having the skills, no aching about bringing his idea to fruition. He studies, he gets the right tools, he practices, and then he makes it.

See here, he wanted to make our bed. He turned a couple prototypes, and then he started making the bed--just like that.

I shudder sometimes thinking about what might have happened if I'd married someone with an artistic temperament. We'd never get anything done. As it happens, my husband and I have a nice balance whereby I come up with ideas, and he makes the ideas happen.

The old man turned forty recently too. Never thought I'd be going to bed with a forty-year-old.

* Guano!--or bat feces, which alerted me to the presence of this fellow hanging from my dusty dining room window the other day:

Sleeping bats in daylight are always better than flying bats at night.

* Fenugreek

My family hates my cooking, and there's a reason why. Many moons ago, when I lived in England, I went to an Indian restaurant (Standard Tandoori in Oxford, UK) that served a dish called Dhansak. It is, to this day, the best thing I have ever tasted. I have downloaded many recipes online trying to recreate the taste, and it has become my great white whale, my Moby Dick. Almost everything I cook is some variation on this dish that, even its simplest configurations, contains two to three pages of ingredients. I haven't been able to recreate it as of yet, and I think that's because of my failure to get my hands on some fenugreek. Well, all of that has passed--I bought some fenugreek--and tonight, I think, is the night that we are eating Dhansak.

*This song: Which has been good for five minutes of downloadable happy sentiment while cooking.

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