Betty Duffy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I returned from New Orleans late last night, having presented a paper at the Walker Percy Conference at Loyola, with my academic-conference-crashing colleague (I love that word) and accountability partner, Ms. Dorian Speed. I am still collecting the brain waves that I scattered east and west of the meridian of North America yesterday, making the drive from South to North with my pleasant companions, The Darwins, but I hope to recount a log of that trip soon. Having drunk with the best of them, and Mrs. Lickona too, today I'm in my bathrobe fending off post-party malaise.

So please, read Otepoti's very powerful account of a different type of homecoming over at the Reading for Believers Blog. And welcome another pilgrim into the fold.


Alishia said...

Have you seen this movie:

We screened it here in Phoenix a few weeks ago via a Catholic Phoenix event. The filmmaker, Win Riley, came and answered questions and such. However, Riley isn't Catholic. In some discussion about the film afterwards (sans Riley) some people thought that fact made certain things...less impressive in the film. Anyway it's good.

BettyDuffy said...

ALishia, we had a screening with Win Riley as well. I enjoyed the movie--though I missed the first half of it, so I couldn't agree or disagree with any authority.

MrsDarwin said...

Alishia, the film was quite pretty to look at, but it took such a basic approach (even for me, who knew not so much about Walker Percy) that I wished that several areas had been either more deeply probed or not glossed over so thoroughly. The documentary would bring up a point or incident that I thought might be fleshed out later, and then just never mention it again. Also, the music was a bit insipid. Too bad.

Alishia said...

Mrs. D, I agree about the music but had forgotten. Actually, I was sitting next to a former colleague of my husband's who is frequently spot-on critical of such things so my awareness/annoyance with the musical issue was heightened. I also agree that it lacked a certain depth, but it was at least enjoyable nonetheless. Or, at least, it made me want to go read some Walker Percy.