Betty Duffy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


--Lauren, of Santa Clara Design, is giving away a free website design to a Catholic blogger, ministry or church. Might as well put your name in the pool.

--Misha Leigh of Kindbirds has a great post on Connection:
"If I am seeking connection in important ways and in key relationships, then it matters what I am connected to."

"...In some ways seeking connection can be a form of idolatry. If I am plugged into feedback and short term affirmation (facebook, email, texting, cells, even friendships at times) and prioritizing them with my time and my attention - than I am not finding satisfaction in feedback from one more vast, permanent and important source."


Trish Bailey de Arceo said...

What an interesting post! It really is fascinating how our inner world reveals itself on the face... engraved in lines and shadows that take shape over time.

I do think our spiritual state reveals itself in the face. Not just "how much sleep did I get last night" but "what's the tenor of my interior world." I've never thought of virginity revealing itself on the face before. I wonder if, in the case of the "hard" high school girls, what you saw on their faces was also the shadow of sin. I don't think sex or virginity is the dividing line so much as sin or innocence of soul. It seems like the deepest form of virginity is a lack of knowledge (in the biblical sense) of sin. Not having tasted sin, not having been corrupted by it. Remaining a white lily undefiled by the world.

I think a person can remain a white lily within marriage, having babies and raising them with love. The key is being so full of love of God that sin has no room to enter. Even though the Blessed Virgin never had sex, I wonder sometimes if her physical virginity was also a physical sign of that deeper spiritual virginity of a soul immersed in the world, yet untainted.

Trish Bailey de Arceo said...

Oops - I meant to post this comment under the other blog entry... not sure how it ended up here.

BettyDuffy said...

Trish, there was a book passed around among the co-workers in RI--maybe you can remember the name of it--something about spiritual virginity-- the state of having nothing come between the soul and God--having no disordered attachments. In which case, as you said, virginity has less to do with the state of the body than the soul and its disposition towards God.

For me, the challenge is not to let valid responsibilities become attachments that displace God in my life. I sometimes envy Mary, that her responsibility was to bear and raise God himself, so her doting on the baby is perhaps the only appropriate thing to do. Mothers of mortals often have to reconcile the Divine attributes of their children with their occasionally sinful behavior.
All of which is beside the point of virginity--but more in relation to mothering, which in the fallen world, can be very complicated.

In any case, I think you're right about sin reflecting itself in our appearance, and virginity having a lot to do with a kind of knowledge, perhaps carnal knowledge, but more likely an acquaintance with one's own and others' sinfulness.