Betty Duffy

Monday, June 20, 2011

Listening in

Sis: "Mom! (The Five-year-old) just flipped me off!"

Me: "No, he didn't. He doesn't know how to do that."

Sis: "He did! He put up his middle finger at me."

Me: "Even if he did make that motion with his hands, he doesn't know what it means."

Sis: "Yes he does! I told him every bad word in the world!"

Five-year-old: "I love you mom. You're a spray of love!" (kiss).

Boy 1: "Why are you picking your nose?"

Boy 2: "It's on my morning checklist."

Birthday Boy: "Get your butt out of the Birthday Boy's face!"

Nine: "Why won't you let me wear my muscle shirt to church?"

Me: "Because muscle shirts are for exercise only. And sleeping."

Nine: "Some people wear them for looking awesome all the time, and I'm one of them."


Erin said...

Dang. I need a muscle shirt. LOL! ;)

Kimberlie said...

Fantastic! I love it when I read these kinds of conversations take place in other people's homes. The nose picking one was classic.

Jeanne G. said...

I like the muscle shirt comment. It's funny to me that people say little boys (or males in general) don't care how they look. My friend's 5 year old informed her that he would only wear "Cool Shirts" - meaning ones with dinosaurs or tractors on the front.

Rosary said...

This is hilarious! I especially like the muscle shirt, imagining how a young boy tries to flex his tiny muscles to look awesome like a grown-up. :D