Betty Duffy


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Practice is perfect

My husband made this bed for our daughter, which was supposed to be a practice run turning larger pieces on the lathe before he makes a bed for us. Turned out quite well, I think:

It dresses up pretty too:

Some may have noticed that we painted the walls in my daughter's room. For a glimpse of how it used to look, see here.


Helene said...

How absolutely beautiful!! Is envy a bad sin, or a really bad sin???

Jordana said...

It's beautiful. It's much like the style of some of our antique toddler beds around here, only not slightly off kilter, mis-sized and rickety.

Melanie B said...

Very nice. Can he make one for me next? I'm afraid we'll never be able to afford an actual bed frame.

Kimberlie said...

absolutely gorgeous! You are married to a very talented man. Treasure him!

Dawn Farias said...

Wow! That is just... fabulous! More so because he made it with his own hands. And stuff.

mrsdarwin said...

That's just... fabulous. To craft with wood is a gift. You and your daughter are very lucky.