Betty Duffy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"And yet...

...O Lord, in the peace that dwells in the depths of my soul I see the loving shadow of your mercy and your providence. Thank you, my God, for the peace you have given me today. Ensure, O Lord, that this peace and this patience never fail me. I sometimes feel my weak will, my confidence, shake. Give me, Lord, strength and courage, ensure that against all human appearances I be full of trust, hope, and joy. Give me, O Lord, your peace, the peace of your patience and your resignation. Ensure that I always be, whatever my tomorrow may be, equally happy, equally tranquil..."

(--Don Giusseppe Canovai, via Magnificat, Monday 18th April)

We enter Holy Week with a heavy heart. I've miscarried the pregnancy.

If you want, pray for us. We are all fine, but sad.

I'm offering this Holy Week for all Mothers who've cradled an unliving child in their womb.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you. -Faith

Julia said...

For some reason I've been unable to comment here since you posted this. But having miscarried my own #6, I held you very close in prayer through Holy Week, and still do now.

God bless,