Betty Duffy

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from my yurt.

Here I sit, wind whipping around my canvas shelter, high on a hill in Big Sur California. Life could not be better. My husband and I have spent the day driving a convertible Mustang on roads that make for some of the best driving in the world, hairpin after hairpin, threatening at each bend to fly off over a cliff into the ocean. Intermittently, we hiked, and ate. And now, I am very, very tired.

Somehow, I managed to leave my purse at a fish market in Half Moon Bay, and in my purse is a cable that allows me to download pictures. So someday, when my purse and I reunite, I might put some up here.

Tomorrow, we'll stop in Carmel on our way back to San Francisco where my husband will go back to work and from which, I will fly home to my babies. Blogging is likely to continue going lightly until next week sometime.

Here's a little video for your entertainment. It kept coming to my mind while we were driving today.


Kimberlie said...

You are vacationing in a Yurt? That is so cool! Sometimes my husband and I fantasize about moving out to the middle of no where and living in a yurt. Of course, then we remember the four children we have, decide that's a little too much family togetherness and we sigh. Life could be fun in a yurt.

Glad you are having a vacation with your husband sans kids. That's another dream I have. Maybe in another year or two. :)

mrsdarwin said...

Toonces looks like he's had a bit too much formaldehyde. And was that Candace Bergen?

Enjoy your vacation, even if you don't have Toonces to chauffeur you around.

karyn said...

I wanted to live in a yurt too but my husband assured me I would soon be screaming and pulling my hair out. Perhaps he was right - but when the kids move out, I'm going to bring up the whole yurt thing again!

Enjoy your vacation!