Betty Duffy

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Just Sitting Here, Working Out.


The Cottage Child said...

I KNOW - that show has been on FOREVER! I'll never forget when my family first got cable, like 112 years ago, I think it was on Lifetime or something, and my mom and I watched a whole episode, wondering if there was a punchline? As it turns out, they're totally serious.

BettyDuffy said...

I keep trying to do P90X, but I skip the jump squats, fast forward thru Crunchy frogs, can't do a single pull-up. Maybe I just need to admit that chair aerobics are more my speed right now.

Maria said...

P90x is so hard. But I found even doing it in a half-assed way was great for toning up. I was nursing my daughter when I did it, so I figured I shouldn't overdo it... wouldn't want to mess that up.

Now that I'm expecting number 2and have a hard time doing anything, I think chair aerobics could be up my alley.

When I do my prenatal pilates videos (you know, like the three times I've done the video in 6 months..) where I'm supposed to work out on the ball, I find myself having more fun just sitting on it and bouncing than anything else.