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Monday, February 14, 2011

Can you tell it was love?

Since it's Valentine's Day, here's the first letter I ever wrote to my husband. I'd post his, which was so much more interesting...but it's not his blog.

Dear J,

I was thinking about holding an essay contest to figure out whom I should marry, but I guess if your sister's going to arrange things it would save a lot of time and energy. She said you’re not much of a writer, but I’m not sure I agree. You fit a lot into those few paragraphs: death (cadavers), romance (marriage and pending relationships), food, travel, intelligence (brain), and hypnosis. I laughed, cried, got a little scared. It was good.

I’m glad to hear things are going well with you. Travel is always fun, and pay raises too. I wonder if they’d think about giving me a pay raise here (that would be from negative dollars to maybe breaking even). They have allowed me to travel a little bit. Was in New York last week for missions with Cardinal O’Connor. We got to meet him and Sister Wendy, the art critic. I also learned how to play street ball in Harlem (and to think that only a year ago I didn’t know how to play basketball). Yes, life is good here.

How have the choir kids in Alexandria been holding up this year without Mr. Wilson? I heard your brother may be transferring—must be rough.

Well, dinner sounds good to me. We can pick a date for the wedding, etc. I’m only going to be home for a month so we’ll have to act fast. Then again, maybe we should just enjoy dinner and leave the particulars to your sister.

Talk to you later.



lauren said...

ok, so I need some back story...Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here, or were you really engaged? Always up for a good love story...

BettyDuffy said...

Totally sarcasm. He was dating someone else and his sister was trying to set us up. It worked!

Darwin said...

And yet, how much more elegant this is than any of the innumerable panting letters I exchanged with Darwin, all of which I'd happily burn now except that our fireplace isn't big enough. But then, it could just be that you're the better writer. :)

Make him let you publish his letter.

mrsdarwin said...

Gad, this is the second time today I've been caught out this way -- the above was me.

BettyDuffy said...

Mrs. Darwin, I think your post today has proven your writing chops. I smiled all the way through it, laughed out loud in several places, and was completely charmed by both of you.

And I figured it was you when you named your Valentine.

Peter and Nancy said...

Please don't make us wait until next February for your husband's letter . . .

Anonymous said...

aggghhh!!! details! We need a LOT more details!