Betty Duffy

Monday, November 1, 2010

"The Edge of Sadness" Reviewed

by Anne Bender and Sally Thomas

Bottom line: Read this Book!

Eight Day Books has it in stock, and take note, the Loyola Classics edition is edited by our own, Amy Welborn.


Emily J. said...

And order it from Eighth Day Books, from whence came the copy Betty read, which she pilfered from her father. This is not a paid-for endorsement. I just love their catalog and want to keep getting it, so please buy books from them instead of Amazon.

Sally Thomas said...

Thanks for the link and the conversation!

I wish I'd ordered it from Eighth Day Books, Emily. My husband got it in a huge box of books sent to him by this Fides et Ratio seminar he attended back in the summer. It was Christmas in July for sure!

Anne said...

Ditto Sally on the thank you for the link and the conversation on Sally's blog-it's great to share a story with others, especially those who loved the book as much as I did!

Emily, I wish I had read your recommendation earlier yesterday. I had picked up the book at the library but when I told a friend about it, he asked if he could borrow it from me so I decided I really should order it because I knew I'd want to read it over and over again, so, I did order it from Amazon. But, I'll keep Eighth Day Books in mind for the next time I buy books.

Melanie B said...

See, I'd love to order directly from publishers; but we have Amazon Prime, which means free two-day shipping on everything. (Yes, we do a lot of our shopping via Amazon.) So when it comes down to it, I'm cheap and go for the free shipping option. In fact, it makes me reluctant to order anything from anywhere else because I always get the worst sticker shock over how much my order cost goes up when they add on shipping. Often it makes me reconsider whether I really need the item or not. There have been some times when I've just not bought because the shipping cost pushed me it the edge of what I was willing to pay for that item.