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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My New "Office"

“I’ve got an idea. Let’s move your desk. It will be fun! We’ll do it together,” said my husband as he began to pull out drawers and move them into the entry way. It was the destination he'd had in mind, the catch-all room where people come in, drop their stuff, smear a little dirt and leave. It's also where the dog lives.

I was not convinced there was anything fun about uprooting four years of pack-rattery, displacing my muse, forcing months of paper sorting, and the going through of books. But he’s been talking about this for years. My desk IS the dining room. Nothing else is there but my desk (and my other desk), and he’s been mentioning that it might be time to move the desk and replace it with a table, since we’re a family, who eats three times a day, and might one day like to sit around a table in that room, possibly using the fancy dishes.

I have strong feelings about the placement of furniture. And I have had good feelings over the years about having my desk in the dining room, since it’s in the middle of the house where I can see everything. But, there are seasons, I am told, for everything. And the season of having my desk in the dining room has come to a close. De-tach-ment…

I have to admit, however, that cleaning up the entry way was a good idea. Here’s my new office:

As you might guess, it smells a little doggy.

A close-up:
As you can see there are roses in my desk, offered in appreciation of my flexibility. Good husband. (Notably, these arrived on the feast of Saint Therese.)

We recently received this hand-me-down couch which cleans up the other side of the room nicely. I want someone to come lie down on it and tell me their feelings (while I take notes at my desk).

This little jewel currently hangs over the door. Will hatch soon.


Hope said...

It all looks lovely. I love the windows to look out of. Although if it was my place the windows wouldn't have been washed in years.

Emily J. said...

I can smell the labradors from here.

So are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner and serving it in the dining room on wedding china?

BettyDuffy said...

Only if you're coming.

Hope... Window washing? Is that something I'm supposed to be doing?

Coffee Catholic said...

**Flopping on Couch** Ya know, I'm feeeeeeeling a lot like I need to devour a very large chocolate bar... and then wash it down with some hot chocolate...

You have a HUGE entryway! Our dog tries to live in our entryway but nope, I can't live with the stench of pooch.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, that'll get those creative juices flowing with the smell of doggies. You should totally have something published by now because you are one heck of a talented writer! So funny!

mrsdarwin said...

Betty, you know I'm coming up to psychologize on your couch, but I'm afraid that my problems are all so garden-variety that your notepad will fall asleep or spontaneously combust.

Sally Thomas said...

That's a great entryway! Would that mine (really kind of a back porch; we don't have a front entry, unless you consider the living room to be an entry) were so useful.

And that chrysalis is beyond cool. I'm almost tempted to offer to trade you a dog jawbone and two dead Hercules beetles in jars for it.

TS said...

It's Betty Duffy, before Botox!?

BettyDuffy said...

And after: