Betty Duffy

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What to do now?

I am very good at starting projects, but much less talented at finishing them. Some time ago, I decided to make a quilted bedspread out of squares of felt. I purchased a monochromatic selection of blue felt, a roll of batting, wound up my sewing machine, pieced the spread and threw it in my closet for ten years. Gave away the sewing machine several years before I found the felt pieces again and gave it to my kids to cut up. That was it for me and sewing.

Painting my daughter’s bedroom had a gorgeous kick-off—applied two coats of primer, then cleaned my brushes, and set them on top of the full paint cans in the hallway, where they sit still today.

For the past year or so, several other house projects have been beckoning to my husband and I, so when we came home from vacation midweek, and my husband had the rest of the week off, we pulled our bedroom mattress onto the living room floor, dumped piles of clothes onto the surrounding chairs, and ripped up the thirty year old carpet on our floor. Terribly gratifying.

Also, I took a hammer to the disintegrating drywall and floor in our only bathroom, revealing some rotten wood beams in those now-gaping holes.

In addition, my husband made new doors for our shed, tore up the rotten deck outside his workshop, and cut down several storm ravaged branches from trees in the yard.

The good news is that my husband is better at finishing projects than I am. The bad news is that he goes back to work in a day.

Projects completed since our return:
1. Mow
2. pick up mail
3. cut down limbs
4. fix stuck windows
5. wash windows
6. spray fruit trees
7. hang pictures
8. rip up carpet
9. barn doors

Projects to complete soon
1. Repair bathroom floor, tile, & fixtures
2. refinish wood floor in bedroom
3. paint Jane’s room
4. redo culvert on driveway (dig washed out gravel from the ditch)
5. clean out entry way
6. fix porch lamp


Kimberlie said...

I am a habitual project starter non-finisher too! Only I don't have a husband that is a project finisher. His handyman skills are limited to spraying WD-40 on stuff. Last week, I purchased paint to spruce up the banister and baseboards in the house. It's still in the trunk of the car a week later. Sigh.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your completed project list. Maybe it will motivate me to complete mine. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Just pick one thing - really. And do that until it's done, even if you can only spend ten minutes a day on it. And pick the project that can be accomplished most quickly.

Jordana said...

Well, that to do list isn't all that bad -- except getting rid of stuff. Now that's hard. I kid. Sort of.

Our house is just one long list of things that need to be completed. In fact, I was just thinking today that there probably isn't a single room in the place that one could even sort of call "done." Livable, but not done -- which is just fine as long as we never move.