Betty Duffy

Friday, June 4, 2010

Nothing to see here

I've made a number of false starts trying to fill some space here at the end of this week, and all I can seem to do is complain. "All out of heroic self-giving?" my husband asks. Short-lived, it was.

My boys got in a fist fight at Goodwill today over the only Starwars book on the fifty cent paperback rack. Had to drag them out fighting after five minutes in the store.

Hospital bills have made their unwelcome arrival in the mailbox. Fridge is empty. Husband's back to work. Garden has already declared check-mate. Gained five pounds. And the computer has somehow lost it's appeal.


Betty Beguiles said...

I wasn't worried about you until you mentioned that the computer had lost it's appeal. Are you okay, sweetie? ;)

Peter and Nancy said...

"Blah," said Toad. (That's what your header brought to mind.)

I hope the post-crisis ennui soon passes. The public fist-fight will suck the life out of you, for certain. (Been there.)

BettyDuffy said...

Horrible isn't it? DOn't even talk to me about children starving in the third world--I've got computer apathy.

Toad is exactly who I feel like. I even made cookies and keep hiding them from myself so I won't eat them--but I always find them.

Sarah said...

I liked your title the best. Bitchin. I had thought about taking the 30 day 'no complaining' challenge my favorite radio station is doing. Then I thought, what's the fun in that? So glad to run across you today though. I always get a lift when I see there is a new post from you. Even when you are complaining you are true, real and honest. My favorite qualities in a person.

Sarah said...

Oops I meant label. Not title.

Mike L said...

Hmmm, kind of sounds to me like maybe no one mentioned what a great job you did in keeping your husband supplied with coffee and yeast donuts while he was confined to the hospital :). I might smile, but as a husband I know how important those things are, and how easy it is for me to forget to thank my wife profusely for such wonderful attention.

And if he is like me, he probably also forgot to tell you how important it was for him that you were there encouraging him while he hurt and felt helpless.

As for you, you are to be congratulated for not telling him what a dumb cluck he was for (mis)using gasoline like that and he deserved what he got :).

I do hope you feel better soon, I know it is hard to return to real life after an exciting crisis.


Mike L

TS said...

Here's hoping computer apathy and his demonic minions will soon flee.

Sally Thomas said...

Yeah . . . I've been feeling much the same way, with far less reason. Hang in there.

BettyDuffy said...

"It is hard to return to real life after an exciting crisis."

I think that might be exactly what's at the bottom of this. It was an exciting crisis, and I probably should thank my husband for supplying me with a feeling of importance last week, and for getting me out of the house. Heroic self giving is fun. The piddle-sticks self giving of a typical day is a pain in the ass.

Good news is, fiddling around with Twitter may have cured my computer apathy. Now I can think about the starving children again.

A toast to Friday night.

Enbrethiliel said...


Just being anal, but I have to know . . . Should I update my sidebar so that your 'blog name is "Blah" instead of "Betty Duffy"? Thanks! =P

BettyDuffy said...

no need to update, E. I think I've already snapped out of it.

mrsdarwin said...

I hit the computer apathy stage every few days when I wonder why no one is writing anything interesting at the very moment I'm checking email at 10:30 at night. And I don't even have the post-huge-event letdown -- I'm just bored.

My boredom with the internet is instantly cured whenever you put up a new post, though. :)

Suburbanbanshee said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. Your kids are probably also post-stress depressed, and thus acting up.

Don't push yourself; feel free to take your time and recupe from your husband recuping.

(That's short for recuperate, in my family, although with a touch of "recoup".)