Betty Duffy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The End of an Era

I have 80 dollars worth of primer, paint, spackling, and whatnot that says my kids will no longer write on the walls.

At what point, however, do you just say the graffiti IS the decor of the room, and let it be?


Dawn Farias said...

About at that point in the picture, I'd say. Good luck!

Bill White said...

I hate the thought of painting over our kids' ephemera.

Karyn said...

We have "temporary" drywall in our kids' room until my husband puts up shelves - I love the kids' pictures that cover those walls.

Hope said...

One place we lived my daughter drew a little horse on the wall. She was 16. When the next tennants moved in they painted but couldn't bring themselves to paint over her drawing. It was drawn at eye level. I have no idea. Maybe she got bored?
Could you buy some of that blackboard paint and make a wide strip around the wall at their level for them to draw on? Of course then they will excel at drawing outside of the boundaries but one can always hope.

Darwin said...

Our wall graffiti (in the upstairs hall) has a picture of a person with the caption "You are a rat". I'm thinking we should probably paint over that, but the upstairs hall is one of those awkward spaces that has uncertain boundaries -- once you start painting, where do you stop?

On the other hand, my family used to have an attic closet that looked much like your wall, except that it wasn't just the kids who wrote on it. Everyone who came up signed their name, and it grew to be an attraction. It was finally painted over when my dad decided to sell the house.

mrsdarwin said...

Agh, shared computer... The above is me, not Darwin.