Betty Duffy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Elsewhere Around the Table

Velveeta Mac was served.

With a cilantro garnish, anyone?

("Yuck! I mean, no thank you.")


berenike said...

Is that macaroni cheese? YUMYUMYUM! YES PLEASE!

But no coriander - rather, to the sauce itself add freshly crushed cardamom. And the basic sauce should be bechamel, with cheese, mustard, possibly a piquant sauce of some kind (chilli, Worcester) and the aforementioned cardamom.

oh yum.

Otepoti said...

Bacon, tomato, crushed weetbix and yet more grated cheese is the ONLY garnish for macaroni cheese, berenike.

You have achieved an excellent ratio of sauce to pasta, Mrs Duffy.

BettyDuffy said...

Why thank you, Otepoti--I suppose it helps that the proportions were determined by the food corporation that packaged it.

You both make such tantalizing recommendations for garnish, I'm tempted to make this the main course next Friday.

mrsdarwin said...

It never fails to fry me that the kids prefer boxed crap mac 'n cheese to the homemade variety. Just to be mean I almost never buy the boxed stuff but make them eat homemade. I just can't bear the thought of that nuclear orange powdered cheese stuff. But they love it.