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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I also like to collect taxes.

Here's a bit of playdate fiction. I'm scrapping the rest of the story, because it's boring, but this paragraph, I think fits nicely here:

There was no food for the mothers, Sarah couldn’t help noticing, and she started calculating how she could make a meal out of one or two bites from each of her children’s plates. At home they called that game “paying taxes.” On Saturday mornings, she rarely wanted a whole donut, but craved just a taste of each variety. Her children unquestioningly accepted, as a fact of their lives that she who gave them life would walk around the table and take the first bite of their donuts. She received ten percent of a honeybun, a maple cinnamon, a cream filled long john, and a glazed cake donut. Her hankering for a donut was satisfied, and the children learned that no great reward comes without an initial sacrifice.


Emily J. said...

Do you write this after visiting our house a couple weeks ago? I also collect a tithe of chocolate Halloween candy.

Jordana said...

I insist on food taxes for all sorts of good stuff from the kids. Mmm...

mrsdarwin said...

No food for the mothers? Around here so many mothers at a time are usually pregnant that it's a crime not to have grown-up food at a playdate.

I like the tithe on donuts. More variety with less calories for mom. How can she lose?

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BettyDuffy said...

Well, it is a "fiction" though loosely, or maybe closely, based on reality.