Betty Duffy

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sad Windows

It’s freezing in our house. My three-year-old sits here at the table with a steady stream of snot pouring from his nose, and blankets wrapped around his shoulders like some mountain guru. He won’t move because it’s too cold to let the air infiltrate the cracks in his blanket.

Turn on the heat why don’t we? Soon we will, as my husband has nearly finished fixing the multitude of broken windows incurred this summer. Window repair has become a Fall ritual for us. No more threatening shards at the window on the stair landing, which cracked when we tried to dislodge the paint that sealed it shut. No more gazing out a window held piecemeal together with duct tape as you sit on the john in the laundry room bathroom (victim to trash flying into the can that rests below it). I don’t know how it happens that we always have a broken window somewhere or a screen slashed down the middle, but always, everywhere I look there is evidence of the bodies that thrash around in this house.

Now they all jockey for position over the vents. The heater has ignited. The blower is on.


Ellyn said...

Duct tape - one of the wonders of the modern world! (I know my home would be lost without it. ;-) )

Jordana said...

We have multiple cracked windows in our old house too. I hate to change all that old and wavy, beautiful glass. I keep hoping someone will invent a way to fix the cracked glass without removing it. And in the meantime, I huddle under blankets and feel a cold breeze blowing through the windows at me.

Pentimento said...

We are buying our first house. This is the sort of thing I fear. We are not handy people, having always had landlords to complain to and surly Serbian superintendents to fix things for us. We are like the Eloi. We've never had a lawn to mow. I hope our house can look as lovely as yours does in the pictures in the post below, however.

Betty Duffy said...

Jordana, about once a week we receive a phone call from "Airtight Windows and Doors" letting us know we'll be eligable for tax credits if we replace our wavy glass and sticky wood frames. I think I'd rather die.
Yes, even duct tape and visqueen are preferable.

P, no one tells you how much work it is to own a home, and old houses are at least three times as much. Mastering minor repairs has to become a hobby for you, and fortunately, for my husband, it is--not not for me though. I like to make things pretty, but I should be forthright: there are some pretty serious messes cut out of the frame in the pictures below.

Anonymous said...

"P, no one tells you how much work it is to own a home"

Hush yo' mouth, child. Betty, it's much much too soon for Pentimento to learn this hard truth!

P., if it makes you feel better, our first mortgage, NZ ca. 1983, was at 12% ARM, advancing rapidly to 15% and then to 18% (insert long boring story about our economy here.)

The difference between your interest rate and that one will buy quite a few window fixes, I should think!



Anonymous said...

And - lovely photos, Betty.


Pentimento said...

I fear that I have too much inertia to ever learn to be handy. And my husband would rather play his accordion.