Betty Duffy

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is What a Seratonin High Looks Like

I'm not sure what's gotten into me, if it's Fall or the smell of cinnamon and stewed apples, but the very fact that there are stewed apples in this house means something very rare is taking place in the Duffy home. The matriarch is on a seratonin high, and things are getting done.

It started with the good china--the Blue Italian Spode dinnerware was used not once, but twice yesterday--after a ten year hiatus. When my daughter wanted to tie up the silverware in a napkin with some of her hairbands, I got out the engraved pewter napkin rings--a wedding gift that had never been used. And as of yet, I have not put the blue dishes away. Here, Spode teapot sits brewing a pot of tea. It sits on a tablecloth, yet another indicator that someone feels ambitious today. So, here's a still life of my morning--and yes, that is an alien doodled out of hearts in the margin of my journal.

What's this? The industrial mop bucket. It appears as though someone has used it to mop the floor with an actual mop and cleaning solvent, rather than dirty washcloths on their way to the laundry.

Witness the moderately clean desk, the computer on screen saver, the sun like a God-light on my place of worship...I mean, work.

And the Pièce de résistance: The Ironing Board, the starch, and my husband's pants.

What to do now?


Emily J. said...

Take more photos?

Betty Beguiles said...

I need for this to be contagious. ;)

As for you, I say hit the liquor cabinet and enjoy the fruits of your Seratonin surge.

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

I have the same thing going on over here, too. It is lovely and scary all at the same time - I am usually not like this at all.

Love, love the pictures. The teapot picture and the sunlight shining on your workspace are positively inspiring - I may even copy the china idea tomorrow. Hadn't thought of that.

And while I am commenting - I have to say hello to Betty Beguiles. I have been stalking your blog of late, a friend forwarded it to me so we could discuss the Adriana Lima post. Good stuff. Happy to see you over here at Betty Duffy. I stalk this blog, too.

TS said...

Can't. read. journal. Must you tease snoops so? :-)

Betty Duffy said...

Come on, TS, I can very clearly read the first word of each line on the second page. In fact, maybe what I'll do next is turn it into a flarf poem.

Betty Duffy said...

BB, how I wish this were contagious, and also sustainable--but considering today's seratonin levels, I have reason to believe it is neither, sadly.

To the liquor cabinet I go, nonetheless--glad you mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

"Barkeep I'll have what she's having. Seratonin, on the rocks."

Betty Beguiles said...

Ah, well. Drugs it is, then.

(Hello, Sharon! Nice to see you here, too! Perhaps a regular Happy Hour at the Betty D's place is in order. ;)

Betty Beguiles said...

Make that: at Betty D's place

not: at THE Betty D's place.

My apologies...

Now you know, I started Happy Hour without you. ;)