Betty Duffy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Local Profiles

My sister started a blog recently, and discussing what pictures to put on it, I began wondering if I should put up a profile picture on this blog.

Pedge got after me the other day for referring to myself as "near middle-aged." Interiorly, I do feel almost exactly the same as I did at 21. Young, a spring chicken, a little lost puppy.

But on the outside, well, I have nursed a lot of children.

I'm not ready to give in to the lethargy, stuff my skin into the jumpers and generous jeans and start acting as tired as my body sometimes feels, though.

The converse of yielding to middle age, then, is trying to stay young, be the man-eater.

The one who preys on green young suitors

sees them stalking across the yard and pounces on them,

has her way, then chews them up in her iron mandibles.

Pretty lady she may be, but the concept of the man-eating older woman is not very becoming, in my opinion, nor very Catholic, nor am I quite old enough to pull it off. I'm stuck in the middle--battling pimples while the wrinkles set in.

Pedge made the point, that we will never refer to ourselves as middle aged, because we're never going to allow ourselves to embody that dumpy stereotype, nor the classless cougar one. It doesn't matter how old we get, or which way the scales tip, the goal is to be classy and ageless, like dessert wine in filigreed stemware.

In other news, we took the kids downtown last week to the Canal Walk in Indianapolis. A bridge on this walk has been transformed into a sculpture garden. I don't know if it's just the state of things in Indianapolis, or my failure to fully appreciate modern art, but what do you make of this?

How exactly is this different from the stack of 2x4s down the street at Carter Lumber?

Oh, wait, maybe this plaque will shed some light on it:

That shed no light whatsoever.

And finally, the weather is so nice around here, I want to spend all my free time in the hammock.

But a wise man once said, "Never hang your hammock under a walnut tree."

It's more dangerous than hanging out on a golf course.


Emily J. said...

I'm wondering how you found that video of the praying mantis without stumbling on some more frightening things.

Nice photos. Maybe the artist of the Eternal Bow needs to spend some more time hunching down and walking through his gate, experiencing humiliation.

Betty Duffy said...

I googled preying mantis eats her mate. Little less likely to find dubious other videos.

And that's the "Ultimate" Eternal Bow, to you.