Betty Duffy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Family that Plays Together, Has Knee Replacement Surgery Together

My dad played pro football for the Oakland Raiders. My uncle is a lifelong football coach. My brothers played football and/or Rugby through high school and college. I was a football cheerleader, and played four years of powder puff football in high school—yet, implausibly, I still do not know the rules of the game, and I have never sat through a televised football game in its entirety. My obsession with playing the game is based solely on an innate desire to run and jump on people. So when my siblings were in town this week for Granny’s funeral, I helped to instigate a football game between my siblings and in-laws.

Some families are gamers, and some are not. My husband’s family plays Poker for dollar buy-ins and Ping-pong for blood. My family favors word games like Boggle and Balderdash, until one of us gets a wild hare and decides we should all go out and have relay races or play ultimate Frisbee or football. It’s very cute of us, like a sit-com family. We throw our bellies around as though we’re still teenagers, slip in the mud, give high fives, and I get more than my share of opportunities to run and jump on my relatives.

The following day, when we all gimped around the block for a walk, my brother-in-law argued that they shouldn’t let their sons play football. Exhibit A.) My brother had to chassé into the end zone because of a residual knee injury from college Rugby. Exhibit B.) My dad had hip replacement surgery several years ago from his own post-football Rugby forays. Exhibit C.) All of us limping around the block.

I tend to think that our injuries are more from our attempts to play like we’re kids when it has been years since any of us have been in peak physical condition. My mom sits on the porch while we’re playing and gasps and sighs, waiting to take one of us to the ER. “You guys make me so nervous when you go out and play like that when none of you are in shape.”

Just a bunch of old fatsos, we are. But it’s worth it.


Kate said...

I bought a knee brace when I got home. But yes, it was definitely worth it.

Emily said...

No knee problems to report but I just broke my toe walking around the house ...

Kate said...

I'm sure you had a stress fracture from doing those high steps and grapevines on the gravel road.

Betty Duffy said...

Mom's Knee surgery went well yesterday, speaking of knees. And my knee hurts.