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Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Takes Rebellion: on a Monday afternoon

(Thanks to Conversion Diary for Hosting)

I've been craving my grandma's ham loaf, with peanut butter and sliced pineapple on top for about fifteen years now.

I felt like livin’ large the other day, so I got online and requested a J. Peterman catalog to be delivered to my door. Had I money and a place to go, I’d order these, this, this, and this for my man.

I've wondered too, if I could ever be the kind of woman who lounges around in a caftan such as this. Does caftan lounging require a particular state of life, or just a state of mind? The latter, I might be able to pull off.

I recently gave myself a makeover. It's bad. Someone told me that my hair was not as blonde as it used to be, which got me thinking maybe it was time to lighten it a little. I was a tow-head growing up, and there's nothing like having naturally blonde hair to make a woman vain. I saw a dye kit on sale at Kroger and bought it because it was only three dollars. Then one night when my Duffy sisters-in-law were here I made the mistake of showing it to them. It was meant just to indicate that I'm so wild and crazy I purchased a hair dye kit--not that I intended to use it. But the kit launched a runaway train and before I knew it, my SIL had donned the rubber gloves and activated the dye, and there I was on the floor getting my hair colored. I made a last minute plea to my husband, "If you don't want me to dye my hair, speak now or forever hold your peace." I thought for sure he'd say, "Don't dye your hair." But alas, he said, "You're going to dye your hair? Well, whatever."

The dye actually made my hair darker, of all things, with a twinge of rust. I decided now was the time to bob my hair. As they say, two wrongs don't make a right. I feel like Jo March, who said of her hair, "It was my only beauty." I wake up in the night, frantic, as if from a nightmare, only the nightmare is real: I cut and dyed my hair.

Today was the last day of school. At the end of every year, my husband and I run through the questions: "Are we sending the kids back to private school? Can we afford it? Should we look at the public school? Should we homeschool?" Ultimately, the reason why I don't homeschool comes down to this:
Set them up with some craft supplies, leave them alone for just a minute... and this is what happens, in spite of the fact that I outlawed both the use of the word "Fart" and the act of farting.

On a similar note, my sister-in-law sent me the following link several months ago. I can't tell you how much pleasure it's given me.
(You must click on the image for the desired effect.)

Recently I passed a figure on the road, a man with a baseball cap, a mullet, a mustache, sunglasses, no shirt, a skinny tan torso, a few tattoos, talking on a cell-phone and smoking a cigarette, all while riding a horse.

Speaking of cowboys, this guy was Kid Rockin' it out for about four straight hours at the Taste of Cincinnatti festival. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. (Sorry it's sideways)

Speaking of cowboys again, We're going to Texas! This note is more for the benefit of my brother and his wife: Break out the banjo, put on the stew, the Duffy's are coming to visit you! (Just so you know.)


Otepoti said...

NINE quick takes, too, by my count. I'm telling!

Yes, you can wear the caftan, but only if you take up spiritualism, Madame Arcati-style.

"Is there anybody there? One rap for yes, two raps for no..."

I used to have a glass fisherman's float somewhere. You could have it for a crystal ball.

TheSeeker said...

Love the clothes you picked out! The red dress especially fits your online persona (since I've no idea what you look like IRL, haha). The palazzo pants, however, you can get much cheaper at either your local hippie store, Gypsy Rose via online or catalogue, or

Oh makeovers take a while to get over. But luckily for you, dye fades to a more normal color after you wash it a few times! Or you can dye it another color. Revlon makes quality dye for cheap--it's what I used last time.

Have fun in Texas! I haven't been there in years...what a great state :-)

Kate said...

No, no, no! It was Jo March who mourned her hair.

I do love that red dress.

Thanks for the shout-out, although quasi-sincere excitement might defeat the purpose...

Betty Duffy said...

Anne mourned her hair too, when she dyed it green and Marella made her cut it, but I forgot about Jo MArch. Maybe she's responsible for the quote. I guess I should look it up.

Seeker, You're right about the Palazzo pants. I saw some at Goodwill the other day, just like the white ones, only they weren't lined, and not quite the right size. I'm sure my treasure pot is just over the rainbow though.

I pictured the caftan with a gin martini and a menthol Virginia SLim, and then I pictured it with long flowing hair glistening in the marketplace, but the MAdame Arcati vision is one that didn't occur to me. What versatility, O Caftan!

Kate said...

I think my treasure pot is also over the rainbow when it comes to palazzos.... wait, that was a metaphor for baby-stretched lower guts too big to look cute in them, right?

Otepoti said...

Treasure pot - funny, very.

(Must lose this post-pregnancy bulge now that the twins are nearly seven.)

Betty Beguiles said...

Well, clearly we're both meant to be movie stars! May I compliment you on your excellent taste in clothing? ;)

jen said...

wow. this post elicited such strong emotion in me. the thought of peanut butter on meatloaf. ewwww. and the hair. i laughed my butt off. i went from blonde to red once, and it promptly turned bad-brown, and when i showed up to staff meeting at work, NOBODY SAID A WORD, which told me everythign I needed to know. so painful

Rachel said...

1. I love the pants, the dress would look amazing on you and good luck getting Joe in that suit.

2. You should write page entries for J. Peterman.

3. It was Jo March who made the hair comment, not Anne of Green Gables.


5. I laughed my ass off at the fart finger! But, are you surprised? Neither the word nor the act were banned in my home growing was a source of great pride!

6. Note: your discrepency of banning fart culture from your home while taking great pleasure in the fart finger web site.

7. You are awesome and the funniest person I know!

Rachel said...

perhaps I should have read the other comments before writing mine. The hair quote has been run in to the ground-sorry!

mrsdarwin said...

Speaking of cowboys again, We're going to Texas! This note is more for the benefit of my brother and his wife

What, not for the benefit of the Darwins? Alas, we don't have a great party lodge, but you're welcome to visit anyway!

Betty Duffy said...

Mrs. D,
My husband is working in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday, and then we have to drive back home, so it amounts to a long weekend. Wanna come up to Dallas?

mrsdarwin said...

Alas, can't get to Dallas this weekend! Wish I could, though. Enjoy your trip!