Betty Duffy

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Scary Things

My kitchen sink, without a handle on the faucet:

Remember when they used to sell real-life-like babies in the Sunday Coupons?

A spider on my book, on my book...

Actually, sort of lovely

Children playing in a giant toilet on my son's field trip. Overheard on the way home: "I sure did love that toilet!"

Someone around here was eating the butter as though it were a candy bar.

I had a few existential moments with my camera this past winter:

And finally...Did anyone ever play with Mrs. Beasly? If so, I understand if you now have psychological problems. My sister-in-law brought this relic out of the closet the other day, and it only seemed fitting to give her a drink.


jen said...

I had isooooz b/c my cousin had a Mrs. Beasley and I didn't. But, based on this photo, i'm thinking maybe I was the lucky one.

This Heavenly Life said...

Amen on the bitten butter. That's just not right.

And that doll? What kind of world did we grow up in?

Pentimento said...

That butter thing happens in my house too.

I wasn't allowed to have a Mrs. Beasley, and after reading your post, I'm thanking the Lord.

Mrs. Buckles said...

Love the potty picture. Perfect composition! I may never have wanted a Mrs. Beasley, but I would've begged for a baby Umi.

Anonymous said...

I was found under the bed with a whole pound of butter when I was around two.

Also, re. the photo - snow, lamppost - where is Mr Tumnus?


Betty Duffy said...

I would be happy to meet James McAvoy (aka "Sexy Tumnus") in the lamplight.

Otepoti said...

If you are meeting Mr Tumnus at night, in the snow, is it "L'Apres-Ski d'un Faune"?