Betty Duffy

Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick takes

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On Wednesdays I go to a play group at a friends’ house compiled of five or six women who all have a minimum of five children. We come from many different faith backgrounds: Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, and one or two who don’t go to Church regularly anywhere. On Tuesdays I meet with a group of Catholic women for a prayer group, at which family size ranges from four up to eight children.

I was puzzling over my relationship with these large families, wondering have I just been like a magnet to all the large families in central Indiana, or is there really a baby boom going on? It does seem that there are more large families now than there where when I was growing up. I posed the question to the prayer group today: why are there so many large families in this area? And a mother of eight, who looks eighteen herself, looked at me wide eyed and said, “Well what else is there to do in Indiana?”

My husband’s company went through a round of lay-offs a couple months ago. He works in a bio-tech field where he and his colleagues could joke, “What we need is a good pandemic.” Then their job security would be made in the shade. Ask and you shall receive: I have barely seen my husband since the swine flu outbreak. Good, bad, or ugly, someone always stands to make a dime—actually, come to think of it, maybe the swine flu is part of Obama’s stimulus package.

My husband was the county spelling bee champion in 7th grade. He can spell the Gettysburg Address faster than I can say it. In the early days of our courtship, I used to ask him to spell for me, and I think that might be why I fell in love with him.

Anyway, in the wee hours of Wednesday night, I creamed him at Scrabble.

The following night he challenged me to a rematch. Within the first couple of plays I had doubled his score. This rarely happens A.) that I should beat him in Scrabble B.) two nights in a row. Naturally, he lost interest in the rematch.

But I have a confession to make, dear husband. When you went in to the kitchen last night to make your snack, I stole the J and the Z out of the box. I’m sorry.

I’ve been animal sitting while my parents are out of town this week. I’m not an animal person. I didn’t get the gene. As far as dogs are concerned, I’d rather have ten kids. And my dad’s dogs are farm dogs, which makes them…a little bit stinky. Nevertheless, when my daughter came in from the chicken coop displaying a freshly laid egg, and when she dropped that egg on the floor, the dog had it cleaned up in about a minute. It’s tempting…

Here’s a pic of the baby chicks for the Darwin kids:


Lisa said...

Betty, I'm so glad I stopped by. You crack me up~! I think I laughed out loud at every one of your quick takes! Thanks for the mid-morning pick-me-up ~ and hope you have a great weekend!

John said...

Challenge: "ein" is not an English word.

Betty Duffy said...

It was a gimme since I was so far ahead. It didn't seem fair to challenge him when he had a hand full of vowels, or so he said.

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, I loved your quick takes! So funny! I played scrabble with my sister in law last week and we both stunk. I was relieved when her baby girl crawled across the board rendering the game hopeless. As if it had any hope to begin with. But your scrabble Impressive.