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Sunday, February 8, 2009

People Searching for Info on Regnum Christi and Fr. Maciel:

As this is a personal blog, and not a blog dedicated to Regnum Christi and The Legion of Christ, I'd like to direct you to some other resources. I posted here briefly about my experiences as a member of the laity trying to make sense of the recent news about Fr. Maciel's unpriestly behavior. There are also some older posts that I wrote when I lived in the House of Formation for Consecrated Women in Greenville, RI. See label "Regnum Christi" at right.

For the record, I was a co-worker at the House of Formation, named Mater Ecclesiae, so I did not take any vows or make any promises, but I was a very close observer of how these women live. I did live in community with them, as they lived, side by side with them, and I consider that year a very special time of my life. I'm happy to answer questions in the comments section, but for sites devoted to Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ, please see below.

Official Regnum Christi website:

A blog for current members of RC to discuss their experiences and concerns:

A directory of former members of the Legion of Christ:

For people who feel that RC is a cult and want to talk to other people who feel that way (I personally don't feel that way).

And I'm sure you can find much more salacious reading material on the google search that brought you here. As much of the material posted on the internet is meant to hold your interest rather than to present objective information, I hope that my readers who are following their curiosity on this issue will take everything they read with a grain of salt. The Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, like any religious order, cannot be summed up in a couple of blog posts.

I, for one, am ready to think about something else for awhile.


jenx67 said...

BD - i don't know if you're interested, but there are a few Generation X Catholic/Priest books on amazon. I'm putting together an amazon associates store for the gen x blog me and the blogger from wisconsin are working on. I came across one last night - Gen X priests.

Betty Duffy said...

Jen, do you have the title? I'd like to check it out.