Betty Duffy


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Beauty Bites

My kids have reached the precise moment when laughing in the snow turns to crying in the snow. The muffler has fallen below the chin. The cold has found the vulnerable place between the mitten and the sleeve, the boot and the snowpant. What was pure, white and new has been sullied, stirred with muddy footprints, and turned bitter.

Several times they have come to me so I could shore them back up, tuck the pants into the boots, replace a mitten. But they don't want to play under the strictures of snow gear. They want to talk, so the muffler comes back down. They want to dig and bury things in the snow, so they remove a mitten for increased manual dexterity. And so they come back to the door, cheeks ablaze, fingers limp, bitten and stinging.

Seasonal allegories are as old as time, but for my kids, this is where they learn that what is beautiful also bites. That too much of a good thing can be bad for you. And that if you resist the protections you are given, you will get hurt.


Kate said...

You Twilight-lover you.

Betty Duffy said...

I'm not joining your facebook fanclub either, Kate. Only veiled allusions...

jenx67 said...

very nice writing. i could relate.