Betty Duffy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Musical Salute to My Family

Mom probably did the most damage to us with this album, Barry Gibb in his tight white pants...

I really thought my Dad might have been in prison due to THIS song.

My oldest brother, Seth, spent many hours blasting this song from his bedroom.

This is for my sister, Emily in her artistic mood.

Me wanting to be a skater.

My baby brother, John, tries to say that this was his favorite song, but I remember him listening to this more often.

But that was then...THIS is us now.


Elizabeth said...

okay loved this mortal coil AND fugazi. i too went gregorian for a bit, i have reverted to guitar laden music. it drowns out 3 clamoring voices and makes me want to throw myself in a mosh pit at the ripe age of 38. i don´t think my adult body could take the mosh pit anymore, sad for me. but the gregorian chants put me to sleep and there frankly is no time to sleep with children. hmmm...chldren could be the equivalent to the everyday mosh pit...well that makes me feel a tiny bit better. off to listen to fugazi again! thank you, betty!

Virginia said...

i have to tell you, my 4 year old nephew knows ever word to the johnny cash song - what?! and the gregorian chant song reminds me of the consis from our coworker year :-) virginia (baker) wills

Betty Duffy said...

Virginia, There is something disturbing about hearing young kids sing, "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." But, for shame, my kids know the song too.

I always loved it when I got to the chapel early enough to hear the Veni Creator Spiritus. Nothing like live chant at 6 am when it's still dark outside.

Biz, I'm going to have revamp my music collection. I didn't realize how much I was longing to hear Waiting Room. I sing it in my head ALL THE TIME...waiting for kids to get ready, "I am a patient boy...I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait."

Jus said...

oh goodness - Bella's first song she knew all the words to?

"Don't take your guns to town son, leave your guns at home Bill. Don't take your guns to town"

she was 3.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Is Babs's dance anything like the boot-shaking your mom and friends did at their afternoon dance parties?

John hates me for exposing Luke to The Nylons (cheesy 80s a cappella group), and maybe he should. And I hate myself a little bit, too, because this morning in line at the post office, he was singing to Charlie: "do do do do Oh don't you know that's the sound of the men working on the chain gang?" Embarrassing.

Emily said...

I had forgotten how much Mom's fashion was inspired by Barb. And Seth's by Beastie Boys. At least he didn't dress like Twisted Sister:

Let's hear it for Sneaky Snake. Youtube has EVERYthing.

Rachel said...

HILARIOUS!!! and dead on, each one of them! p.s. a friend of mine at work and I pull up you tube while we are working together and listen to cry baby music (the likes of mortal coil, depeche mode, and morrisy). Our collegues HATE it but it's our "thing".