Betty Duffy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adventures of Betty and Pedge with Movie Producer, Jason Jones

Some people dream big. Pedge and I dream out of our league. So we're a couple of midwestern wives with ten kids between us, and no other credentials. But we have a pretty good idea of the kind of movies we'd like to go see, and if Hollywood's not going to make those movies, we want a chance to make them ourselves. Tonight we went to the Right to Life Indianapolis dinner where Jason Jones, the producer of the movie, Bella, was the keynote speaker. Never content to be wallflowers, pregnant Betty and Pedge, with a baby in a sling, skipped the line where Jason was autographing copies of Bella, and jumped right up next to him to slip him our contact information, and give him just a hint of what we were thinking.

Jason, if you read this, please call Pedge or I immediately. Hollywood tells us that they've got this great new movie featuring better rolls for mature women, and they give us "Sex and the City"???? Help us, Jason! And we can help you by providing you with your next life-affirming script for Metanoia films. Pedge is the brain, I'm the pen, and we work really well together. Scroll through this blog for just a taste of the humor and insight you can look forward to, if you pick up that phone (or email us, which really works better since there's a chance you'll meet my four-year-old phone answering secretary if you call).

And really, Jason, even if you don't want a couple of amateurs from Indiana coming anywhere near a script for Metanoia films, please still consider our pitch as an option for your professionals to develop. We'll settle on just being invited to a movie premier.


'becca said...

oh just think of the shoes you could wear to the premier as you walk down the red carpet...

Elizabeth said...

well if you´re writing the script i better be in it you two. carrie bradshaw and crew aren´t speaking for me either. i mean really who would spend $300 on a throw pillow, this is what we vital energetic women are reduced to?!